How Correlated Your Business And Google+ are?

Your business on Google+

While Google+ is almost present on everywhere we turn, still it has not got the cordial welcome that the other social media like Facebook and Twitter has got. Even now, months after the launch of Google+ we see advertisements and posters with “follow us on Twitter” or “like us on Facebook” but not “join us in Google+” etc.

This clearly shows that not many businesses are in Google+ now. Many people view Google+ as a menace due to their ignorance about it. Few others consider Google+ to be alien due to the fact that Google+ is not much in use with the business environment. However, many successful and smart businessmen are effectively using Google+ for promotion of their business.

The following are the reasons for your business to be on Google+

Google Search+

The fresh and latest “Search Plus Your World” algorithm (which is also known as “Search+”) that depends on information which are gathered from the logged in users of Google+. The yield is search results which exhibit/endorse business pages in Google+.

No Vanishing

The status updates, posts on your facebook fan page vanish after some time i.e. when you post a status message on your fan page then that message might get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments but however that status messages gets hidden eventually and you can’t retrieve it by any search (Google/Facebook).

However, if you do the same on Google+, the people from your circles follow it; additionally, the more number of followers will lead this to be displayed in google search when user searches for your business with appropriate key words. This is an important advantage of your business being in Google+.

Learning from the Masters

One important feature that Google+ provides you is that you can learn the tactics of your business from the resource persons who have a cutting edge in your field of business. For instance, create a circle called “Resources/Professionals” and add people who are directly or indirectly related to your business.

By doing so you can share your posts, queries, information with them and in turn you may also follow them in order to know more about your field. Who knows they might even correspond to you and give you some advice and instructions that might be useful for your business?

Other Methods

Once you are into Google+ then here are certain other features which you might deploy to utilize the full effects of Google+;

Optimize your page for SEO

You must post relevant links, be careful in placement of keywords, etc in order to make your business page more search engine optimized one. By doing so you are improving the traffic to your page.

Visually Appealing

You must make use of the various features present in Google+ in order to make your page visually pleasing and appealing to your customers. This can be done by using the “scrapbook” photos, text editors, etc. This is where you can show all your creativity and innovation.

Concentrate on the Content

What you post really matters; make sure you post very quality contents on the business page of your Google+. Additionally, post pictures and videos whenever possible (and only if it’s relevant). Try to make your introduction and first post more effective and elegant so that it makes a great first impression on your first-time customers.


Endorse your business page by influencing private profile pages on Google+. Make broadcasts and/or requests to track you on other social networks and also by means of the Google+ Badge on the pages.


Circles are one of the amazing and efficient concepts present in Google+. Classify your audience based on their interests and put them into separate circles. Moreover, you must present them with posts, pictures, videos according to their needs and interests.

Even after having 90 million users on Google+ and after being “Don of Websites”; many users are reluctant to utilize Google+ for their business promotions. Even if they are into Google+ they don’t utilize all the features of Google+ effectively, thereby leading to less promotions and income when compared to people who endorse their business on Google+. This is the high time for those people to wake up and utilize Google+ for their business endorsements.

5 Awful Results of Improper Planning of a Blog

Awful expression

You should know the fact that, planning is the key factor to succeed in any work you perform; this includes blogging too. You have to know what to do and when to do it, especially when you are blogging. It has become possible for anyone to start a brand new blog and put up certain posts wherein they are bound to get immediate traffic too.

However, if you want to start a blog and continue to succeed in the long run, you need to follow certain steps and plan accordingly. You should have plans in advance, to commence a blog on your own, either a rough plan or a detailed plan. If you don’t follow these strategies, then you will have to face certain bad consequences as listed below.

Improper planning of the blogging niche

Your blog’s main topic should be decided first before launching your blog. Improper selection of the niche of your blog will lead to various confusions in the later stage. You will not be able to carry on with the blogging process if you have doubts regarding the topic, thus leading your blog to stand in the middle of nowhere.

Your blog’s visitors will get to know that you don’t have sufficient knowledge to maintain your blog on a particular niche, and will start to move on to other related blogs. This result leads your blog to face heavy traffic loss and you will also start to lose visitors from time to time.

Improper planning of posts

A good blogger will plan in such a way that he/she will have posts ready to be published for a week’s time in advance. However, if you don’t plan to keep your posts ready for at least a week’s time, because of various reasons such as being busy with other work, going on a vacation, or falling sick, you will have to face the end result of no more traffic generated towards your blog. People will never turn back to your blog, if you are irregular in posting topics as they will lose interest.

Improper planning of products to be created

You need to plan to create and develop products on your own. If not, you will not be able to earn a handful of money. You will be left with no other option, other than to promote other people’s product to earn money, which will surely be very less in value. Even though you decide to create products, improper planning of the time needed to complete the product will leave you at a loss.

Improper planning of time

Time management is another factor to be considered to succeed in blogging. Most people don’t find time to work on their blog posts. If you belong to the same league too and don’t find at least one hour a day to work on your blog posts, your blog will never be able to reach the targeted audience.

Improper marketing strategy

Usage of social networking sites and asking some people to write guest posts can help to market a blog. However, you need to decide on the time limit between the guest posts made in your blog and also for the regular update made on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

If you don’t decide on the time factor to market your blog, you will end up making random links to your blog on these above mentioned social networking sites more often, which will result in the viewers getting tired of seeing your link all the time.

They might even think you are spamming these social networking sites to just spread the word about your blog and so they will not feel like visiting your blog even once.

Building great relationship with other likeminded bloggers is another factor to consider wherein, if you go on spoiling the relationship; no one would be willing to have an association either with you or with your blog.

Thus, with no particular plan in hand to write posts, market them and manage your blog well, there is no chance to become popular among the targeted visitors. With no visitors to visit your blog, and no comments passed on your blog, you might have to shut down your blog as well.